Eco Superfoods’ brands were developed by Industry Experts

Founded by an expert team including Billy Simmonds (former INBA Mr Universe Bodybuilder), Eco Superfoods creates a fusion of plant based wholefoods and superfoods formulated specifically for fit and active lifestyles.


Billy Simmonds

Billy is an Australian entrepreneur, martial artist, powerlifter, bodybuilder, and winner of the 2009 INBA Mr. Universe title. An authority in health and nutrition, he has served as a strength and conditioning coach to athletes around the world. While diverse in his pursuits, most notably Billy is an advocate for healthy eating, the environment and compassion for both people and animals. And Founder of PRANAON.


Sean Fremder

Co-Founder of the Eco Group of companies, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Grateful to the Passionate Employees promoting Plant-Based Excellence, Co-Founder of Industry Awarded Venue Elsewhere Bar, Fitness and Latin Dance (Over)enthusiast, Leisure Aviator, Vegan, Solicitor – Supreme Court of Victoria
Ideal: “Why settle for win, if we can win-win?”

The Eco Superfoods Team

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